Take control of disruptive email


Why is bulk email a problem?

When a new email comes in, your attention gets disrupted. These disruptions cause lost productivity, stress and reduce the quality of your work. Over 30% of corporate email is disruptive bulk email that is either unrelated to work or not urgent. ZeroMail allows you to eliminate these disruptions and stay focused.

How does ZeroMail work?

ZeroMail is a Software as a Service solution hosted in the cloud. By making a small change to your company's email setup, all your email is sent through the ZeroMail servers before being delivered to your company. ZeroMail scans incoming emails and identifies bulk email for over 5000 services in 30+ categories. You can set company wide policies or give your employees control.

easy Setup

Step 1. You point your domain's mail to the ZeroMail servers.

easy Configure

Step 2. ZeroMail blocks stuff you don't want, delays stuff that's not urgent and delivers the rest.

easy Enjoy

Step 3. You use your email just like before, without all the disruptions.

It's like a spam filter for everything else

Spam is easily filtered, now do the same to daily deals, facebook notifications, newsletters, job alerts and more.

easy Easy rules. Block, delay or deliver.

Delay social emails until after work hours except LinkedIn? Block Shopping emails completely? No problem!


setup Where's my email?

Users and admins can log on anytime to see what is delivered, delayed and blocked. Any delayed or blocked email can be instantly released. Blocked email are kept for up to 30 days.


easy Easy user management.

Got a social media team that have to get their Facebook and Twitter emails ASAP? Easy, just add a group and add an exception rule.


setup Multiple delay schedules.

Not everyone has the same business hours. Nightshift? Early risers? Nightowls? Not a problem, simply create a few different schedules. And don't worry about different timezones, we'll handle that.


easy Easy and safe to setup. Takes only 5 minutes.

Simply route your domain's email through our servers and we do the rest. Each step requires verification that everything is configured correctly and emails are always delivered correctly. Individual users can simply use our free Gmail/Google Apps version.


setup Customized messages.

When new users join your company they automatically receive a welcome email. ZeroMail can also send weekly overview emails to users. Naturally, you can easily customize these messages.


setup Mobile Friendly.

Mobile, tablet or PC. You can use and manage ZeroMail from anywhere on any device.


It's good for everyone!

easy Good for business

Email marketers are getting better and better at disrupting your employees during work and enticing them to go shopping, update their Facebook or read news. ZeroMail gives you fine-grained control over what gets delivered to whom and when.

easy Good for employees

ZeroMail gives the power to your employees to clean up their inboxes. Less emails, means less disruptions which means less stress and more work satisfaction.

easy Good for administrators

ZeroMail gives employees the power to manage their bulk email. This will mean less requests to "stop all the spam" and reduced storage and bandwidth needs because email is dropped before it ever reaches your servers.

Free trial. No contract.

All plans include a 30-day free trial

Got more users? Want a solution behind the firewall? Contact us at info@zeromail.com