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Newsletters, newsletters, newsletters...

We know you're always careful in giving out your email address because you don't want an inbox full of junk. But still they keep coming, newsletters you didn't really ask for... it's an endless battle to keep your inbox clean. Don't worry, inbox sanity is only a few clicks away.

How does ZeroMail work?

ZeroMail sees all the junk email you're getting like that newsletter you didn't really subscribe to, or those Facebook notifications that you thought you turned off. Simply select what you want to receive, what you want in a daily digest and all the stuff you never want to see again.

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Sign up with your Gmail. We will analyse your email, but don't worry, we won't change a thing.

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Take control of your newsletters! You could block newsletters you don't like, put the rest in a daily digest.

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You use your email just like before, but without all the junk.

easy Easy rules. Block, digest or deliver.

Add all your social updates into a daily digest? Block Shopping emails completely? No problem!


easy Easy and safe to setup. Takes only 3 minutes.

It's free and easy to sign up. Connect to your Gmail and we'll analyse your email. We'll show you everything you're subscribed to and with a few clicks you can get rid of any newsletters you don't like.


setup Mobile Friendly.

Mobile, tablet or PC. You can use and manage ZeroMail from anywhere on any device.


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